Three things never to do after receiving cupping therapy

Three things never to do after receiving cupping therapy

Cupping has a long history with Chinese characteristics and is also one of the Chinese cultures. Cupping is a way to preserve one’s health. Many people like to receive cupping therapy, but they do not know the benefits of cupping. Cupping therapy has always been so popular, which is enough to prove its value. The eczema and cold can be permeated out of body through skin tissues, thus eliminating pathogens and making people feel refreshed. A lot of people know that their internal eczema, so they often receive cupping therapy. However, do you know that cupping jarcannot be pulled at will? Cupping is a reducing method, which requires people to have sufficient yang-energy to expel cold and eczema from the body. If your body is weak and you receive cupping therapy, your body will become weaker and weaker. Therefore, even if you are physically strong, you cannot often receive cupping therapy! Although it is a traditional Chinese medical care method, there are contraindications and precautions for scraping, cupping and massage. Not everyone can receive these traditional treatment methods in any case, and you need to judge according to your own experience. The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine suggested that after receiving cupping treatment, one must not do the following three things.

  1. Don’t take a bath immediately

Many people like to take a bath immediately after receiving cupping therapy, believing that doing so can make them feel more refreshed. However, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor tells us not to take a bath immediately after receiving cupping therapy, because it is easy to cause secondary damage to our skin and is very harmful to our health. Normally, it is best to take a bath 24 hours after receiving cupping therapy. However, this is not an absolute thing. How long you can take a bath depends on your skin condition after receiving cupping therapy. Cupping usually causes different degrees of damage to human skin, such as red or purple imprints, and blisters, etc.

  • Be careful not to catch cold

After receiving cupping therapy, please keep warm to prevent cold from entering the body. Cupping treatment should be carried out in a sheltered room with appropriate temperature. After receiving cupping therapy, people will be in weak health and the their internal pores will be open. At this time, you should pay attention to keep warm and dress in time. Otherwise, not only can the body not recover quickly, but it may aggravate the disease and be harmful to health.

3. Don’t get in a draught.

Some people have fever the day after receiving cupping therapy, and they suspect that it is not caused by cupping therapy. Cupping therapy don’t want to be a scapegoat for fever! Generally speaking, fever is not caused by cupping itself, but due to cupping, acupuncture points and pores are all opened, and cold air can easily enter the body while detoxifying. Therefore, do not take a bath or get in a draught for a short time after receiving cupping therapy.

Cupping is a professional physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, which requires you not only to know acupuncture points well but also master skills. It is best carried out by a traditional Chinese medicine doctor with a license. Without systematic study and training, cupping treatment for patients at will may cause some injuries to their bodies, such as scalds, skin injuries, pain and even aggravation of the disease.

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