1. Cupping method

Operation points of flash fire: use tweezers to clamp alcohol cotton ball and ignite it, and then draw it out after a circle in the jar; quickly cover the jar on the part that should be pulled out, then it can be sucked.

Application of cupping

(1) Cup retaining: After the jar is adsorbed on the body surface, the jar is retained at the operation part, generally for 5-10 minutes. Mostly used for arthralgia due to wind-cold-dampness; neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

(2) Cup moving: Apply universal oil on the jar mouth and suck the jar. Hold the bottom of the jar in hand, and move up and down several times until the skin turns red. Used for large area and muscular parts, such as waist and back. Mainly used for common cold, cough and other diseases.

(3) Quick cupping: After the jar is pulled out, it is immediately pressed down and repeatedly sucked and pulled out many times until the skin turns red; Mostly used for facial paralysis.

(4) Pricking and cupping: first use a plum blossom needle or a triangular needle to make a local spur or puncture to cause bleeding, and then cupping to make the bleeding 3 to 5 ml inside the jar; mostly used for skin diseases such as hemorrhoids.

3. Cupping precautions

(1) Operational inhibition: When cupping, please do not burn the jar, otherwise it will burn the skin. The jar should retain less than 20 minutes, otherwise it will damage the skin.

(2) Part inhibitions: allergic skin, ulcers, edema, heart, large blood vessels, lower abdomen are not suitable for cupping.



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