Cupping is a therapy that uses a cupping jar as a tool to generate negative pressure by means of burning fire, air extraction and other methods, so that it is adsorbed on the body surface, resulting in local blood stasis, so as to achieve the effects of dredging meridian passage, invigorating the circulation of qi and blood, relieving swelling and pain,and dispelling wind and dispelling dampness, etc. Cupping therapy has a long history in China. As early as the silk book Fifty-two Disease Prescriptions written in the Western Han Dynasty, there was a record of “horn therapy”, which is similar to cupping therapy in later ages. Cupping therapy was also popular in ancient Greece and Rome.

Common tools

Nowadays, there are many kinds of jars commonly used, including bamboo jars, glass jars, and air extraction jars.

Clinical application

  1. Cupping method

Operation points of flash fire: use tweezers to clamp alcohol cotton ball and ignite it, and then draw it out after a circle in the jar; quickly cover……

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The main acupoints are Dingchuan acupoint and Feiyu acupoint. For cough due to wind cold, choose Fengmen acupoint; for cough due to wind heat, choose Dazhui acupoint. If the flash fires are used to cup, the jar should be retained for 8 to 10 minutes (the negative pressure in the jar for younger children should be small. …..

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