A scam about pulling out viscous substance

A scam about pulling out viscous substance

  1. A scam about pulling out viscous substance

We should treat these scams rationally. Some unscrupulous merchants will deceive customers that some vicous substances are pulled out during cupping, which may be a serious disease in the body, and then telling customers that they need to receive a comprehensive physical rehabilitation in their store. In fact, these merchants are all cheating under the guise of health.

2. What exactly is the blood clot pulled out when cupping

During cupping, the capillaries in the body will rupture under pressure, and the blood will deposit in the tissue fluid, causing an increase in the viscosity of the tissue fluid. This is a normal phenomenon. People who receive less cupping therapy or those who are cupped for a long time will have this symptom.

3. What is the blood clot pulled out when blood cupping?

It is normal to pull out the blood clots. Blood will seep out when the blood jar is pulled out. The human body has a blood coagulation system, which will automatically work after bleeding. The main blood coagulation member is platelets. Platelets begin to coagulate after bleeding, which is to prevent massive bleeding of the body and avoid injury.

  • What is the effect of cupping

Through cupping and bloodletting, the pathogens in the body are discharged. When pulling out the jar, the body is pressed to dredge the meridians in the body, and the pathogenic heat in the blood is reduced, as well as the normal operation of qi and blood is restored.

5. What should you pay attention to when cupping?

(1) Cupping time: For patients with severe illness, deep disease location and painful diseases, cupping time should be long; for patients with mild illness, shallow disease location and paralytic disease, cupping time should be short. For rich muscle parts,  cupping time can be slightly longer; for thin muscle parts, cupping time should be short. In cold days, cupping time should be extended appropriately; in hot days, cupping time is shortened accordingly.

(2) Warm keeping: Patients must take off their clothes before receiving cupping therapy, so the indoor temperature should be maintained during treatment to avoid direct wind blowing and prevent cold.

(3) Avoid scalding: Do not drop kindling materials into the jar, and do not burn at the jar mouth to avoid scalding.

(4) Unsuitable parts: Damaged skin, scar skin, vegetations on skin or protruding bone are not suitble for receiving cupping therapy. In addition, the same part cannot be cupped every day. Before the scar of cupping removes, cupping should not be carried out on the same part.

(5) Prevention of infection: After receiving cupping therapy, if flush or pruritus occurs locally on the skin, do not scratch them indiscriminately, and the symptoms will dissipate after several hours or days. If blisters, water drops, bleeding spots, congestion occur, these are normal therapeutic reactions. If the blister is small, it must be prevented from being scratched and allowed to absorb naturally. If the blister is large, the root of the blister can be punctured with a disinfectant needle to drain the water and applied with disinfectant gauze to prevent infection.

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