Five effects of cupping popular in traditional Chinese medicine

Five effects of cupping popular in traditional Chinese medicine

Cupping is a characteristic traditional Chinese medicine therapy, which can bring a lot of benefits to our health. In life, many people like to receive cupping therapy.

What benefits could cupping bring to our health?

  1. Cupping can pull the muscles on our bodies, thus improving the pain valve. Cupping can effectively relieve physical fatigue. When muscles are under tension, our blood flow will decrease, causing tissue ischemia. Cupping can effectively lengthen muscles and increase blood flow. In addition, it can also improve the pain tolerance threshold of muscles, so that muscles can be effectively relaxed.
  2. Cupping can effectively help the body to eliminate eczema. When cupping, the  eczema in the body can permeate through the skin tissue to discharge. After receiving cupping treatment, you will feel refreshed.

3. The meridians and acupoints in the body and our entrails are all interlinked. The suction of cupping stimulates the acupuncture points on the surface of our body. In this way, the organs in our body can also be conditioned through the bones and muscles and meridians. After receiving cupping treatment, you will feel that qi and blood flow more smoothly.

4. Cupping can regulate our body’s immune function and enhance our immunity. Cupping will produce some extravasated blood, which will remain in our tissue space.  In this way, these extravasated blood will properly activate the body’s immunity, and can clean some inflamed substances.

5. Cupping can promote our blood circulation and will dilate the blood vessels in the body. In this way, the blood circulation of the part receiving cupping therapy will be much faster, and the metabolism will be accelerated accordingly. In addition, the rate of waste discharged from the body will accelerate and the nutritional status of local skin will be much better.

Is there a risk in cupping?

Recently, there was a piece of news which spread widely everyone’s WeChat Moments. There was a man who felt weak and had sore shoulders and neck. He thought he often sat under the air conditioner recently and the temperature of the air conditioner was adjusted very low, which led to cold invasion, so he wanted to receive cupping therapy to remove the cold in his body. The man felt very good after receiving cupping therapy. However, a few hours after receiving cupping treatment, he found that his arm began to swell and he thought the swelling was caused by the joint’s not moving. Thus, he vigorously shook his arm, kneaded and pressed his arm in an attempt to relieve the symptom. Unexpectedly, the symptom was not relieved, the swelling became more and more serious, and the skin turned cyan.

At this time, the man was a little scared and went to the hospital for examination. After the examination, the doctor told the man that he had a deep vein thrombosis in his left upper limb, which might require amputation if he came later. The doctor judged that the symptom was caused by improper cupping.

Cupping will bring a lot of benefits to our health, but we must operate it correctly, otherwise it will lead to injury of axillary vein inner wall, poor blood flow and thrombosis. If that happens, most people will subconsciously use some violent means to try to alleviate it, which often has the opposite effect.

It is suggested that cupping should be performed by a professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. If the arm swells after receiving cupping therapy, please do not handle it yourself. You must go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

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