Can “cupping” really eliminate eczema? Is the toxin extracted? The answer may be unexpected.

Can “cupping” really eliminate eczema? Is the toxin extracted? The answer may be unexpected.

Have you ever received cupping therapy in your life?

Do you think cupping is really good for your health?

As a health-preserving lover, I receive moxibustion, scraping and cupping at regular intervals. In my opinion, these are all methods of regulating the body by traditional Chinese medicine doctor, which can help us to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, eliminate eczema and expel toxin. Especially when we have minor diseases and pains, cupping can relieve a lot of pain.

However, some people said that these conditioning methods can’t play the role of detoxification at all and are all deceptive. Today, we will talk about cupping in detail to see if cupping is good for our health.

Can cupping really help the body detoxify?

Cupping generates negative pressure by burning and exhausting the air in the jar. The jar body is attached to a certain acupuncture point of our body, which not only stimulates the acupuncture point and skin to a certain extent, but also clears and activates main and collateral channels, removes eczema and relieves pain.

As far as traditional Chinese medicine is concerned, cupping can really help us move qi and improve blood circulation, remove eczema, and also help to expel some toxins in the body. However, we should understand that cupping will stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points, which must be completed by professional Chinese medicine doctor, and everyone’s physical constitution is different, so various schemes may be needed for conditioning. Therefore, we must go to a proper Chinese medicine hospital to receive cupping therapy, and never trust non-professionals in small stores to avoid damaging our health.

Is the imprint of cupping caused by toxins in the body?

Friends who have received cupping therapy know that after each cupping, there will be many cupping marks on the skin. Some cupping imprints are lighter in color, while others are cyan. At this time, the operator tells you that the cyan cupping imprints are caused by blood stasis and toxins in the body. Is what he says true?

Of course not. This is because during the cupping process, the subcutaneous capillaries are ruptured due to the negative pressure inside the jar, which results in these cupping imprints of different colors. Therefore, these jar imprints are not toxins in our bodies.

What do we all need to pay attention to when receiving cupping therapy?

1. Don’t cupping yourself at home to avoid scalding yourself or causing skin burns due to improper operation.

2. When cupping, please select a position with thick skin, such as the back. Try not to cupping in positions with uneven bones, which is not conducive to the adsorption of the jar.

3. Please do not receive cupping therapy when your skin is scratched or allergic.

4. Please do not receive cupping therapy if you are not sure what disease you have. Please see a doctor first to avoid other diseases.

5. After cupping, if blisters occur, please puncture the blisters with a sterilized needle and disinfect them soberly to prevent infection.

Cupping is a manual labor that requires professional skills to operate. For those who want to improve sub-health or relieve pain through cupping, it is better to go to a professional Chinese medicine hospital to receive cupping therapy, which is both safe and effective.

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